This Student Got The Munchies So Bad That She Stole A Catering Van

Monique Vanderhulst

We’ve all been there.

A student at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, was arrested recently after she stole a catering van and drove it while under the influence.

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Monique Vanderhulst had apparently been boozing all day and could not be bothered to wait in line for some food. What do you do when you don’t want to wait for food? You steal a catering truck of course. Yes, the student thought the best solution was to hijack a van belonging to All Occasions Catering, Waldo, presumably to park it up somewhere to have a bit of a munchdown.

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Unfortunately, Monique’s driving skills were hindered by all the booze and she was reported after the vehicle was observed striking another car and running over curbs in a nearby car park. Her erratic driving also meant that she had lost all of the delicious contents on the way, so even if she had made it to a quiet destination, she wouldn’t have had any food to chow down on anyway. Drunk people, hey?

Not only was Monique charged by the police for her erratic drink driving and for stealing someone else’s property, but she is only 19 and was found to be in possession of a fake ID. It doesn’t say what her punishment is but I’m assuming a pretty hefty fine and some serious points on her driving license. That’s got to be one hell of a hangover.

Maybe she should have taken some tips from this guy and blamed her intoxication levels on eating beer battered fish.


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