Chinese Girl Goes Into Complete Meltdown On The Train After Her Phone Battery Dies

We all know the feeling.

You might think the girl in this video is overreacting just a little bit but actually if you think about it it’s something we can all relate to. How many times have you been out and about with the whole night in front of you when suddenly you realise that your phone is at 17%? It’s a horrible feeling. Not unlike being a scuba diver deep down in the ocean and realising your oxygen tank is about to run out:

What’s the point of being out in public and having fun if you can’t even text or Tweet anyone about it? No wonder this girl’s losing her mind out there. Really no point in even living if your phone is dead. The only difference between this girl and everyone else is that she let it all out of her system while the rest of us would have just left it brewing inside until we got a quiet moment to cry to ourselves.

We can think of way, way more unacceptable public transport behaviour than this, that’s for sure.


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