Girl On House Arrest Twerks Up A Storm At House Party, Says “Lazy B-tches Catch Up” (VIDEO)

House arrest won’t stop this young lady from having fun.

There’s probably no better time to be on house arrest than in the middle of a pandemic, but even still this young lady decided to throw on her Sunday best and host a house party for the ages, ankle monitor and all.

Looks like she had an absolute blast too…..

Hmm, wonder why she went in that room real quick at the end of the video? Probably had to let off a fart or something. No doubt she was right back out there twerking like her life depended on it and fighting off the dudes in no time.

As she says in the video – “lazy bitches catch up!”. What a catchphrase! If you’re not twerking your butt off while on house arrest in the middle of a pandemic then what are you even doing with yourself? That’s what you call a go-getter. That’s what you call being proactive. That’s what you call playing by your own rules. Ignoring how irresponsible it is to have a big house party while we’re still fighting Covid, this little minx just categorically proved that being on tag doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. More power to her I say.

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