Woman Trapped In A Clothes Horse

Some students were messing about and one of them ended up getting trapped in a clothes horse. That’s the future of the country right there folks.

This happened a few days ago but is still pretty hilarious although it would be a lot better if the video was of a higher quality. Basically some wacky university student at the University of Derby managed to get stuck in a clothes horse so seriously that she had to be cut out of it by fire fighters.

Danielle Morgan is 18 and claims that she was ‘messing around’ in her flatmates room when she fell off her friend’s bed and the clothes horse fell on top of her and managed to lock itself around her neck. I mean, that sounds realistic right!? It definitely sounds like something that would happen. I remember messing around when I was 18 and falling off beds and becoming trapped in a clothes horse.  I guess it becomes more believable when you learn that Miss Morgan is from North Wales so has probably never seen a clothes horse before, as well as probably being inbred.

Interestingly, she said she definitely wasn’t drunk which is again pretty realistic for a student studying in Derby. Her concerned friends (who, let’s face it, probably just made her get in the clothes horse for some lolz as she clearly can’t be that popular giving her appearance and background) merely laughed at her loads and filmed the experience so it could go viral on YouTube. Smart.

Even though Miss Morgan is laughing a lot in the clip below where she’s trying to get out of the clothes horse there are a number of gross parts where one of her friends tries to get her out of the clothes horse but it just looks like they’re going to break her neck instead. Apparently her friends and staff at the University of Derby tried for over an hour to get her out of the clothes horse before they called in the professionals. Afterwards she had a panic attack and had a bunch of bruises all over her shoulders and neck. Almost makes me wish I was a student again. Those crazy kids.


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