The Girl Who Gouged Her Own Eyes Out Whilst On Meth Provides An Update On Her Recovery

Kaylee Muthart

Sounds like she’s doing OK.

We’ve featured some pretty sad stories over the years here on Sick Chirpse – and I mean actually sad, not sad as in pathetic, although there are a bunch of those too – but one of the ones that affected me most was the recent tale of a girl who gouged her own eyes out whilst she was hallucinating on crystal meth. That’s really awful.

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Nevertheless, it seems like Kaylee Muthart is determined to make the most of her new situation and triumph over the adversity that she’ll be faced with for the rest of her life. She decided to provide an update on her life to People magazine and I can’t actually believe how positive she seems to be about everything:

I actually feel like a person. I feel like myself, and I don’t feel like I’m chasing something.

It, actually, feels really nice. The way it worked out is the way God had it work out, that’s just the way it is… but I’d rather for it to have happened than to still be stuck in that world (of drug addiction).

I’m a very optimistic person, and I went in with an optimistic outlook — but at some points, you’re going to fall down. That’s just life.

Kaylee Muthart 2

My dreams are colorful, and it’s like being able to see again. They can be strange, and switch scenes really quickly. But it’s comforting because it’s colourful. I like sleeping a lot because it’s like I can see. Most days I sleep until late afternoon.

People that are actually on drugs will understand that drugs are capable of doing the things that they did to me. Sharing my story might make them realise that, or it might encourage them to stop.

There’s definitely something inside of me that wants to say, ‘Well, what else can I do now that I’m blind?

But something just cries out deep inside of me, ‘Go for your goal. Do what you’ve always wanted to do. Show everybody that you can do it.’ I want to study marine biology.

I mean I’m not sure how she’s going to do that but even though she’s spending most of the day in bed it seems like she’s trying to do something with her life instead of wallowing in self pity which is probably more than I could say about myself if I ended up in her situation. Here’s hoping she keeps going with this attitude and doesn’t let the reality of what she did to herself set in anytime soon.

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