Girl Gets Perfect Revenge On Ex After Finding Out He Still Uses Her Netflix Account


Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Chances are that if you’re in a relationship and you break up, you’re probably going to end up thinking that your ex is a bit of a dickhead and you’ll secretly want to get some form of revenge on them. It’s just finding the right level of this that sits somewhere around subtle and nowhere near overly dramatic.

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The girl in this story might have found exactly that though. As is often the case with couples, she had given her ex the password to her Netflix account (true love bae) and as you probably would do if you had this information, he continued to use it to binge watch his favourite shows. However, when Samantha Pellerin realised what was going down, she took advantage of the situation to well and truly burn the guy:

Ouch – that’s ruthless. Of course, the guy could probably spring £7.99 on his own account in order to finish off the series, but it’s gonna sting to know that you got cut off in your prime, and probably that Samantha knew exactly what she was doing cutting him off in the middle of one of his favourite shows. No mercy.

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