Girl At Beer Festival Destroys Lines Of Coke And Ruins The Party For Everybody (NSFW VIDEO)

How to ruin the party in one move.

This video is from Oktoberfest last year but it’s only just popped up on my timeline and is so diabolical that I had to blog it.

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The title says that this girl destroys a few lines of coke, and by destroyed I don’t mean she hoovers them up her nose… I mean she actually destroys them and brings everyone on an instant premature comedown in the process:

Tragic. Just tragic. How do you atone for doing something like that? I mean the only thing better than being at a beer festival is being coked off your tits at a beer festival and this young lady basically wrecked the crew’s entire supply with one senseless movement. What was she thinking? She wasn’t thinking, that’s the problem.

Oh well, hopefully they still managed to have a good time, like these lads who racked up their lines on a Ryanair flight and even offered some to the cabin attendants. That’s nice of them.


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