Girl Brutally Re-Captions Instagram Photos Of Her And Her Boyfriend After Finding Out He Cheated

“I’m in the perfect position to strangle him.”

When breaking up with someone on bad terms, most people might delete every sign of them off their social media accounts so as to get on with life ASAP.

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This girl had different plans after discovering her boyfriend had cheated on her, however. She went through all her Instagram photos with the guy and re-captioned them with her new-found perspective.





Really wouldn’t mind this becoming a new trend for bitter ex-girlfriend and boyfriends. It’s actually kind of healthy if you think about it. The girl gets her revenge by shaming the guy cheating on her, and the guy gets baited up just a bit and learns his lesson that you can’t go around cheating on girls in 2016 and expect to get away with it. Win-win situation (sort of).

Some break-ups however, are a little more difficult to get over.


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