Psycho Girlfriend Pranks BF By Calling Him Ex-Boyfriend’s Name & The Poor Lad Is Devastated (VIDEO)

You can actually see the moment his heart breaks.

Calling your boyfriend by your ex-boyfriend’s name and filming his reaction is the big new TikTok trend being popularised by psychopathic girlfriends around the world, and while it might be pretty funny on some level, you’ve got to feel bad for some of the boyfriends on the receiving end of it.

I mean the instant devastation on this poor kid’s face is so palpable I can feel it through the screen:

Damn that’s cold. Not only did she eat all his food and leave him hungry, she then proceeded to prank him by calling him her ex’s name and caught it all on camera for the lolz. Let’s just say Twitter isn’t seeing the funny side on this one:

Have to say, the utter manic pleasure in her eyes at successfully trolling her boyfriend and making him feel like shit is pretty concerning, but I wonder if he saw the funny side afterwards? I think what would be messed up is if she uploaded the prank onto TikTok without his permission, but if they both had a laugh about it afterwards, then I guess all’s well that ends well. Unless… she was live-streaming it? In which case she’s a total sociopath who this lad should ditch sooner rather than later.

For another vicious trend involving girls standing naked in front of their boyfriends as they try to play Warzone on PS4, click HERE. Little psychos everywhere.


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