Girl Bites Walmart Employee’s Finger Off After He Tries To Stop Her Shoplifting Condoms

The dreaded Sunday shift.

Working on a Sunday is shit – especially if you get your finger bitten off by a raving lunatic.

Last Sunday morning, Myrtle Beach police arrested a woman for biting off part of a Walmart employee’s digit during a shop lifting incident involving the store’s loss prevention officers and an unhinged woman looking for a five finger discount.

At around 2.30 am, the Walmart employees tried to stop Carolyn Wright, 23, from leaving the store after she allegedly tried to conceal merchandise in her clothing – which was when it all kicked off.

According to a local police report, Wright punched one of the store’s employees hard in the face, before chomping down on the other’s finger, biting a portion of it off.

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During the melee, a shocked onlooker tried to call 911 but her efforts were stunted after Wright grabbed her phone and began to pull her hair; however, the witness did punch Wright in order to free herself from the attack.

Wright then managed to flee the store in what seemed to be a getaway van. According to the report, the driver had no idea of Wright’s ill intentions, or that the altercation even took place; apparently she told him to run, he asked her what and she said drive.

Despite her plans to jettison herself from the scene of the crime, the van was blocked in by a man standing in the car park and the police were able to apprehend Wright, who now faces battery charges.

Wright’s shoplifted items came to a grand total of $40.07 and included condoms, lubricant, panties, a camisole, bra and other clothing.

Hardly the heist of the century but outrageous none the less – perhaps she was planning on making a Supermarket Sweep style amateur porn flick with a Bang Bus twist.


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