Shocking Footage Of Drunk Girl Biting Man’s Lip Off At Oktoberfest (VIDEO)

This is difficult to watch – drunk Alaskan woman bites a man’s lip off during an argument at Oktoberfest.

This is difficult to watch — an Alaskan woman who’s clearly had too much to drink at Oktoberfest brawls with a young Australian man at the event and ends up biting his lip off in excruciating fashion. It really does look very, very painful.

The young man had to rush to surgery to get his lip re-attached and the woman was arrested and will be charged with criminal assault.

Watch below (WARNING – graphic content):

Jesus H Christ that was absolutely horrifying. I don’t know how the guy didn’t go full on primal and just gouge that girl’s eyes out with his thumbs or something because that was completely sickening to watch and looks like such a horrific experience that you would do anything to make it stop.

Dude is going to be getting trauma flashbacks for the rest of his life every time a girl tries to kiss him. Absolute nightmare scenario indeed.

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