Girl Asks Guys For Sex In Europe, The Results Are Unsurprising…

Girl Asks Guy For Sex

Guess what her success rate is?

Following on from the phenomenally popular video we featured on the site a couple of weeks ago where a guy asked 200 girls for sex all around Europe, the same video channel has devised a sequel where a girl ask a bunch of European guys if they want to have sex with her to show that they’re all equal opportunities/equal rights or what have you. It is 2014 you know.

Unsurprisingly, the results are a lot different – whereas the guy asked 200 girls and had a 1% success rate, this babe asks 10 guys and has a 90% success rate, although she does have to do a bit of work convincing them all that she isn’t a prostitute. Predictably, the one guy who said no had a pretty good excuse because he was actually working as what looks like a hotel doorman or maybe the bouncer of a club that nobody is going into.

Equality in 2014 huh?


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