The Sound This Girl’s Arm Makes When It Breaks Will Make You Puke All Over Your Screen (NSFL)

Don’t ever arm wrestle your boyfriend (NSFL).

I’m terribly sorry for blogging this, but since I watched it, now you have to as well. 


Again, humblest apologies. Looks like the pain hadn’t quite set in while the camera was still rolling but we’ll put that down to the shock of having your arm snapped in two like a chicken bone. Pretty sure the pain would have been excruciating seconds later. 

Best of luck to this young lady in her recovery – hopefully her arm will get back to 100%. 

P.S. Bonus arm break in case you’re feeling brave:

Want more? OK. How about a guy completely shattering his leg on an awkward trampoline jump (NSFL). Gnarly stuff.


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