Girl Who Spent £22k On Her Body Shocked That Men Want To Sex Her But Not Date Her

Is it fair to spend £22k on turning yourself into a sex doll and then complain when people treat you as such?

25-year-old glamour model Raegen Sidley looks a far cry from how she did a few years ago — the result of £22k worth of cosmetic work including a £4k breast enhancement, £4k Botox injections, £1k vaginal rejuvenation, £2k facial fillers, £5k nails and fake tan, £1k tattoos and cosmetic semi-permanent make up.

“Looking this good definitely doesn’t come for free. I’ve spent £22k on my appearance to make men lust after me. I’m 100% commited to being as perfect as I can be, and I’ll try anything.”

“I’ve always enjoyed getting male attention and I love to flirt. Making myself ‘plastic fantastic’ seemed like an easy way to make guys fancy me. I get offered sex all the time, but I can’t remember the last time a bloke asked me out for dinner.”

Spent £22k to get a boyfriend and still no boyfriend? Damn. Well, Raegen can do what she wants, she isn’t hurting anyone and she’s clearly happier in her new body but if you want a guy to like you for your personality – there’s probably better ways to go about it.


pre op

£22k later:


girl 2

girl 3

girl 4

girl 5

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