Girl, 19, Going Out With Guy, 61, Says She’s Definitely NOT In It For The Money

It’s true love.

Couples come in all shapes, sizes, and ages – just ask this pair, who say that their love is real despite a 42-year age gap.

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Urszula Grzelak from Warsaw, Poland, was just 16 when she met Nigel Thorpe from Oxford during a trip to the UK back in 2016.

They met at a family party, with Nigel being a friend of Urszula’s aunt. The student says she instantly fell for the sales associate when the pair bonded over their passion for heavy metal music.

Although they’ve both faced backlash for their unusual situation, with Urszula being called a gold digger over the years, they insist their love is legit. She explained:

Age gap relationships are like any other relationship. There are two people in love who go on dates, spend time together, have ups and downs like any other couple.

To those who want to date much older or younger people be sure of your feelings and if your heart tells you that this is it just do it. Love is stronger than anything. For love there is no boundaries.

Now I can finally say that it does not matter what people will say. I will live my own life. Only you, yourself know who you love, how you feel and what is best for you.

To everyone who criticises our relationship. You are fully entitled to your opinion as long as it is not abusive and harmful.

People need to understand that we all are very different. We have different skin colour, religion, views, ethnicity but no one is allowed to judge or hurt people because of it.

Although they’re not planning on having kids, they’re hoping to tie the knot at some point down the line.

In the future we want to get married and simply live together. We want to create our own house and make it a place full of love and respect.

Fair play – yes, it’s kinda creepy that they met when Urszula was just 16 years old. But they’ve been together for three years now and are planning a future together. So I guess all we can do is wish them all the best?

Same goes for these two.


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