Love Gin And Tonic? Then This Ice Cream Bar Is Made For You

Gin And Tonic Ice Cream

Count me in.

There’s nothing better than licking on an ice cream at the height of summer, but one company has decided to make it even better by introducing a gin and tonic ice cream bar in London. That’s right.

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The pop up bar will appear in the Hoxton in Shoreditch from June 9th-June 11th to coincide with World Gin Day on June 10th. Here’s what the organisers have to say about it:

Gin Ice Cream

World Gin Day is here and it could not have come soon enough. To celebrate, we’ve brought in Gin Mare and Ruby Violet to pop-up an ice cream parlour with a bespoke G & T ice-cream!

Head over to The Hoxton, Shoreditch, grab yourself a yum gin cocktail for a fiver with refreshing twists (hello mango wedge and black pepper) for a fiver and get your G & T ice-cream free!

Grab yourself a scoop of botanical infused ice creams and sorbet topped with crystallised rosemary, savoury wafers or gin soaked orange peels.

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Yeah, I’m not really sure what a lot of that means, but if it’s combining gin and ice cream and it’s only going to cost a fiver, it can’t really be going wrong can it? Head down if you’re in the area or maybe make a special trip – probably worth it.

There is some bad news though – unfortunately research suggests that if you drink gin and tonic then you’re probably a psychopath. Unlucky.


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