Britain Drank So Much Gin Last Year, Its Sales Surpassed Beer For The First Time Ever

Gin vs beer

That’s quite the achievement.

I think we all know that the UK public loves a good G&T – it’s an absolute British staple.

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However, we also love beer, which is why it is surprising that a boost in gin consumption has led to spirit sales surpassing beer for the first time ever. A recent report from the Wine and Spirit Association showed that the sales of gin increased by a whopping 12% in the last year – the fastest rate of any spirit.

Overall, spirits made the Treasury £3.38 billion in 2016, compared to £3.32 billion for beer. The Wine and Spirit Association said that this was probably due to a freeze in spirit and beer duty in the 2016 budget, and it is now feared that alcohol sales could fall slightly after alcohol duty was raised by 3.9% earlier this year.

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Miles Beale, chief executive of the trade group, said:

We dubbed 2016 the year of gin, and the gin boom has had a large part to play in the windfall now being enjoyed by the Treasury.

Well, a lot of shitty stuff might’ve happened in 2016, but at least you can say that you helped contribute to this epic achievement. If your grandkids ever ask you in the future what 2016 was all about, simply tell them it was the year of gin.

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