This Giant Spider Prank Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Giant Spider Prank

If there’s one thing I don’t want to see when I’m walking down the street on a regular afternoon, it’s a giant spider.

Josh Paler Lin is a notorious YouTube prankster and normally when he releases a new video it’s worth watching and it’s the same story with his latest offering.

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s no surprise that he went for a variation on the classic Halloween scare prank, this time building a giant robot spider and having it jump out at people in all manner of normal situations and scare the absolute shit out of them. This includes just randomly in the street, dangling it off bridges into people and having it walk out of elevators into people – pretty inventive.

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Yeah ok, the spider doesn’t look that realistic but you’ve got to admit if you saw that in the street – or anywhere – then it would probably scare the absolute crap out of you and you would definitely look twice at it before going on about your day. In fact you would probably run a mile once you saw it.

Having said that though, there was the one absolute baller in the video who just walked past it like it was no big deal – props. Unfortunately, given the fact that massive spiders are invading pretty much every home in the UK at the moment, it probably won’t be too long until you actually have to deal with one of these for real, although probably not quite so big.


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