Someone’s Made A Giant Mozzarella Stick And It Looks Incredible

Cheese stick

Cheese, glorious cheese.

Mozzarella sticks are arguably one of the best snacks going. Combing melty cheese with deep fried crunch is a winning combination.

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Now imagine instead of eating a box of the tiny little buggers, you had one mammoth sized stick to spend the night chowing down on. Wouldn’t that be the dream? Well, chefs JP Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky are in the business of making giant versions of our favourite foods and they are the pair who made this cheesy dream a reality. Introducing, the giant Cheetos mozzarella stick:

Get in my face. If I had the time, energy and access to hundreds of string cheeses, I’d probably attempt this at home. But I don’t, so for now I will stick with my measly standard sized sticks.

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