This Is What Happens When You Pull A Giant Blackhead Out Of A Belly Button

Giant Blackhead Belly Button

Seriously gross.

You might think that there’s nothing worse than getting a blackhead in your belly button, but then you go and look at something like this and you realise that that’s only the half of it.

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In this video, someone has only gone and scored a blackhead on their stomach. Apparently it was hanging around in there for 9 months before the girl’s sister realised what it was and decided that they needed to get it the hell out of there. And of course, as is so often the case on the internet, they decided to film it and the results were truly disgusting. Get a load of this:

Geez, that is fucking rank isn’t it? Imagine if that was your girlfriend or boyfriend – you would probably never go near their stomach again. But I suppose the main thing about it is that it’s out. I wonder what the hell they did with it because you can’t really just leave that lying around, can you?

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