Watch The Ghost Rider Return To Terrorise The Streets At Insanely High Speeds

Ghost Rider High Speeds

When death means nothing to you.

The ghost rider has been razzing up and down motorways at ungodly speed on his motorbike for some time now, but it’s been a while since he’s released a new video. As usual, it was worth the wait.

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This time the ghost rider is on some fairly deserted highway on his motorbike (what’s new?), absolutely killing it going at around 300kmph. That’s fucking fast and he’s absolutely killing it. Take a look at this but hold onto your hats right?

Yep, that’s some serious balls of steel. Seriously got no idea how this guy even contemplates doing that, let alone goes out and does it without a care in the world. It’s a good thing he doesn’t fuck it up either, because if he did chances are it wouldn’t just be him dying, it would be everyone in the immediate vicinity too at that speed. Serious wild man.

For more insane speed, here’s a high speed car chase ending in a beating from the cops. Police brutality.


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