A Ghost Hunter Has Been Found Dead With A Mysterious Black Line Around His Neck

Gaurav Tiwari


Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators probably have some of the strangest lives out there, and it only makes sense that their deaths would follow this trend too.

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32-year-old Gaurav Tiwari has lived up to this billing by dying in mysterious circumstances over the weekend. Tiwari was in his home in Delhi along with his parents and wife. The others reported hearing a loud thud and went to the bathroom where they found him lifeless.

Although the cause of death appears to be asphyxiation, it doesn’t look as though he committed suicide and there was a mysterious black line drawn around his neck too. An autopsy has yet to be performed, but the family are hoping that when it does, it will lead to some answers. Here’s what Tiwari’s father Uday had to say:

Ghost Hunter

The family didn’t believe in ghosts, but explained how they have been left confused by the mysterious circumstances.

Gaurav told his wife a month ago that a negative force was pulling him towards it. He had said he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so.

My daughter-in-law ignored it thinking he was just depressed due to work overload and did not tell us about it.

He was happy in his life and gave no indication he was thinking of committing suicide.

Hmm. That is a weird one – what the hell is going on here? Maybe we need someone like Derek Acorah to get involved and look into it. That isn’t even a joke either because if there was some paranormal influence on his death, then it’s probably better to get one of the experts in. And it does sound like the death was a bit messed up doesn’t it?

Let’s hope that someone can figure out just what was going on so his family know that at least. Perhaps they could find him on this dating site designed specifically for ghost hunters?


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