Ghislaine Maxwell Is Claiming That She Was Physically Abused By Correctional Officer

Feel so sorry for her.

I had almost forgotten about the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell is set to face trial this summer for her horrendous crimes during her association with Jeffrey Epstein as it’s been a really long time since we’ve heard anything about her, but here’s a good one about how she’s claiming that she’s being physical abused whilst being held in prison.

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Maxwell has been fearful of contracting Coronavirus and suffering from physical abuse during her incarceration in federal prison ahead of her July trial date and this has prompted her attorney Bobbi Sternheim to submit a letter to Manhattan Federal Court asking for her to be moved to a luxury hotel instead. Here’s what was written inside the document:

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Recently, out of view of the security camera, Ms. Maxwell was placed in her isolation cell and physically abused during a pat-down search.

When she asked that the camera be used to capture the occurrence, a guard replied ‘no.’

When Ms. Maxwell recoiled in pain and when she said she would report the mistreatment, she was threatened with disciplinary action.

Ms. Maxwell was the subject of further retaliation for reporting the abuse: a guard ordered Ms. Maxwell into a shower to clean, sanitize, and scrub the walls with a broom.

Ms. Maxwell’s request to have the camera record the guard alone with her in the confined space was again denied.

Ms Maxwell’s sleep is also disturbed each night by a guard shining a torch into her eyes every 15 minutes to ensure she does not commit suicide.

It is hard to verbally convey the power of a light that bounces off a concrete ceiling in a 6-by-9-foot concrete box into Ms. Maxwell’s eyes, disrupting her sleep and ability to have any restful night. The attenuating effects of sleep deprivation are well documented.

Ms Maxwell has also been served food that is inedible and water that is brown and clouded with heavy particulates.

The overall conditions of detention have had a detrimental impact on Ms. Maxwell’s health and overall well-being; and she is withering to a shell of her former self — losing weight, losing hair and losing her ability to concentrate.

Having been incarcerated in de facto solitary confinement for 225 days and monitored by two to six guards 24 hours a day with a handheld camera dedicated to capturing her every move, except when it would record improper conduct on the part of the guards, it is not surprising that Ms. Maxwell feels she is detained under the control of the Bureau of ‘Pretrial Punishment’.”

Ms. Maxwell continues to be at the mercy of a revolving group of security officers who are used to guarding hundreds of inmates but now focus their undivided attention exclusively on one respectful, middle-aged female pretrial detainee.

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Sounds like she’s having a real horrible time in there doesn’t it, but considering the absolute horrendous and awful crimes that she’s been accused of inflicting on young women for decades, I don’t think that anyone is really going to give a toss about how she’s getting treated in there, do you? What goes around comes around doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Can’t see any judge moving her to luxury hotel either, so hopefully she’ll be spending the rest of her life in similar conditions after she’s found guilty in the summer. Won’t even be close to what she deserves.

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