Here’s How To Get A Big Mac And Fries For Just £1.99

A McDonald's Big Mac and French Fries ar

It’s a bit dishonest, but who gives a fuck?

Sometimes there’s nothing like a Big Mac to really hit the spot, and although I doubt anyone would begrudge the regular price of around £4.30 for one with a medium fries, the fact of the matter is that if you can get that combo for £1.99 then you’re not going to turn your nose up at it, are you?

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The good news is that there’s  now a way you can do this and it works every time. There’s a couple of catches though – firstly, you’ve got to be a bit dishonest and secondly your local McDonald’s needs to have one of those new fangled digital ordering screens. Here’s the trick:

Walk into any McDonald’s that has the new digital ordering screens.

Click ‘I have a voucher code’ button (top right of screen)

Open your smart phone and zoom into the barcode on the image below.

Burger King Codes

Smile as you now have burger and fries for £1.99

If they ask for the voucher just say, ‘sorry it’s on my phone.

I have been dong this for months now.


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What a top trick – if you’re a regular visitor to McDonald’s then this is surely going to save you some top dollar. And hey if you’re not, then why not become one as apparently this trick works every time and is going to give you a pretty filling meal for almost nothing. I’m lovin’ it.

For more McDonald’s, check out their new delivery service. Yes, it’s actually happening.


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