This School Let Their Students Order A Bunch Of Strippers To Their Graduation

Strippers Graduation

My kind of school.

I remember when I graduated from school it was pretty much a non event – I think they gave us some champagne or something and we all kind of stood around talking – but this school in Germany has has gone all out to make it a day that their students will never ever forget by allowing them all to get lap dances off strippers for it. Oh yeah.

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The students actually booked the strippers themselves and had her masquerading as a guest speaker, but when she arrived on the stage they immediately asked one of the guys to sit down and cracked into her lap dancing routine. Lucky guy.

Yeah, I wish my graduation had ended up like that. The best part about it all though was that the teachers actually knew this was going to happen, but let it go ahead anyway because there were no minors present and they’re also super safe.

Literally unbelievable – there’s absolutely no way I could see something like this going down at any school over here. Definitely moving to Germany to raise my children after that one.

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