You Can Now Pay Loads Of Money To Get Massaged By A Snake


Nature’s masseuse.

Ever found yourself getting a haircut and thinking that getting a massage from a snake would really jazz the whole experience up for you? No, me neither, but apparently some people over in Germany are just gagging for the experience, which is located at the Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden.

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Owner Frank Doehlen was inspired to use the reptile to relax his customers after a trip to South Africa, where he saw snakes being used for massages all over the place. He wasted no time heading down to the local snake shop and picking up a 13-year-old snake named Monty, which is apparently 90% muscle. Not sure if that’s a good or bad ratio for a snake.

Doehlen uses the large snake to give women deep muscle neck massages and they go down a treat. It’s around £25 for a half hour massage and customers are already singing Monty’s praises. One woman – who bizarrely works as a chimney sweep – says that she regularly gets neck pain due to her profession but the snake massage really helps. If you say so bud.

Here’s a video of Monty in action:

Yeah, I’m not so sure if I’ll be doing that anytime soon. But hey if people like it and it’s big in South Africa, why not? Just doubt we’ll be seeing Indiana Jones down there anytime soon.

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