This German Mayor Just Fucked Up Hard By Dropping A Racist Post About A Cucumber

Mayor Simone Stein-Lücke

Is it racist?

The mayor of the German district of Bad Godesberg has been slated recently after she posted a ‘joke’ picture on Facebook, involving a cucumber and a burka.

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Mayor Simone Stein-Luecke posted the following picture of a cucumber, with the one word caption, “Gurka”. She was obviously likening the picture of a cucumber to a burka by playing with the German word for cucumber, “Gurke”.


The post has since come under fire for being racist and making fun of the religious outfit. However, she insists that it was only a joke, although she is against the full-face veil.

I respect every religion. But I have always stressed that I am opposed to a full-face veil.

It was a humorous post, no more, no less. Perhaps the timing of the post yesterday was unfortunate. But I still find it amusing.

I don’t think it’s racist as such, but I do think the timing is pretty insensitive since there is a lot of debate over whether burkas should be banned. Also, it’s incredibly wrong to be against burkas. It’s part of the religion and people should be allowed to follow their faith in any way.

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