A Tweet Comparing Taylor Swift’s Vagina To A Ham Sandwich Has Gone Viral

Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Cologne - Night 1

Well that’s embarrassing.

Anyone who goes on the internet will probably be aware of Taylor Swift’s love life whether they like it or not – it’s blabbed all over the place all the time and there’s really no avoiding it.

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It seemed like Taylor was fairly settled with Calvin Harris after a string of failed romances with people such as Harry Styles and John Mayer, but that bit the dust a few weeks ago and she’s very quickly hooked up with Tom Hiddlestone in the aftermath. Unfortunately, her quickness in bouncing from one relationship to another has led to people labelling her a slut. This is obviously a completely meaningless and stupid term in 2016 but it has in turn led to what is perhaps peak meaningless in this tweet from someone called Jennifer Mayers.

Looking through her timeline she seems to be a digesting southerner who is pro-gun, racist and a Trump supporter. However, her crowning moment has to be when she compares her daughter and Taylor Swift’s vaginas to two different ham sandwiches:

Well. Obviously this shows a basic lack of knowledge with the female form that even myself as a male is aware of:

  1. Having a lot of sex with a lot of partners doesn’t drastically and permanently reshape your vagina
  2. The part down there that possibly looks like a ham sandwich is a labia, not a vagina
  3. A labia doesn’t actually look like a ham sandwich and the amount of sex you with different people doesn’t cause it to look like a flappy ham sandwich
  4. Who the hell makes a ham roll with nothing else in it? Not even cheese or a sauce man, come on

Anyway, everyone completely rinsed Mayers on Twitter for being an idiot and the post has gone viral and highlighted her stupidity. I doubt she’s going to stop though because she seems like an absolute idiot with some of the stuff that she’s posted. Fairly typical of that demographic though.

For more sandwiches, check out some excellently made grilled cheese sandwich combos. Way better looking than Mayer’s.



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