This Man Says Drinking 7 Pints Of His Own Urine Every Day Helped Him Beat Depression

That’s a lot of piss.

A German man has revealed how he drinks seven pints of his own piss every day – and even ingests it through his eyes, nose and ears to keep himself in peak physical and mental condition.

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Jan Schünemann, 26, claims that gulping down his own urine has helped him beat depression – and ward off other illnesses.

The sports coach, from Hamburg, Germany, tells MailOnline:

It is the perfect medicine for all diseases and viruses. It is the body’s own vaccination.

Well he is ripped and looks pretty happy in all those photos, so maybe Jan is onto something? Either way seven pints of piss a day is a lot of piss to be consuming. A glass in the morning? Fine. But drinking 7 pints of the stuff each day and posting it all over social media sounds just a little bit on the obsessive side.

Especially considering that he also squirts piss into his ears with a syringe, uses a glass to pour piss into his eyes, and also enjoys rubbing the liquid over his skin.

Jan says:

I discovered Shivambu Kalpa (urine therapy) through the internet and was very open minded about it.

So I just started and tried it and straight away, the benefits were so amazing that I knew I wanted to continue.

I was kind of depressed and disconnected from myself and it really helped me to go in and dive deeper into my own consciousness.

Reading all the amazing things Jan has to say about the benefits of drinking your own urine, I’m almost convinced to give it a try. However there’s just something about the idea of pissing into a cup and guzzling it down like orange juice that doesn’t quite feel right. Call me old fashioned but I just really don’t fancy downing a glass of my own hot, steaming urine, whether it’s good for you or not.

It would be interesting to know for sure though whether this guy’s piss-drinking obsession has actually been beneficial to his health or whether it’s a placebo effect. I mean he must really believe in this stuff to not only be drinking his own urine but basically bathing in it and pouring it into his eye balls and ears as well. Imagine if this is just some weird kink he has and is just using the supposed health benefits as a cover-up? I mean we can pretty much guarantee that Jan loves a golden shower at this point. He simply cannot get enough urine in his system. He’d probably inject it into his veins if he could!

Anyway, think I’ll stick to eating salads and exercising rather than drinking 7 pints of my own piss a day. But fair play to Jan for finding something that really works for him.

For the police found 300 GALLONS of of urine-filled bottles in a family home, click HERE. Basically Disney Land in Jan’s view.


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