Can You Spot The German Snipers Hidden In These Pictures?

German Sniper

I 100% guarantee you can’t because they are pretty much the sickest at hiding ever.

An artist called Simon Menner was spending time with the German army and he decided to hang out with a couple of snipers and see what they got up to. He found out that one of the most important skills of a sniper was to blend into the background as much as possible and he came up with an idea for a photo series where he took pictures of them hiding to see if anyone could spot them.

Taking a look at these, I doubt anyone has ever spotted them because they’re pretty much invisible. Even when you know where they’re hiding.

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Simon's photos look like normal landscape shots.

But look close enough... and you'll see him: the awaiting sniper. (Note: you can click any of these images to see the full size and zoom in)

Each one is frustratingly difficult to locate.

But he's there.

See if you can find the other 7. Each one points out the sniper's location in the next photo.

06 - 78nHw4B

07 - relEOPT

08 - JE0PPbZ

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