Gerardo Masini scores a completely sick rabona goal. Way better than Matias Urbano’s.

GERARDO MASINI: Here at Sick Chirpse we’re big fans of football and more importantly we’re big fans of the rabona goal. Who can forget the exploits of Matias Urbano and his two rabona goals in one week? That was pretty special. But that was before we heard of Gerardo Masini!

Yes, we might have found something even more special than Matias Urbano with this rabona goal from Argentinian striker Gerardo Masini. Sure, Gerardo Masini is playing in Serie D in Italy (How does an Argentinian like Gerardo Masini end up playing in Serie D? Surely if you’re going to head over to Italy you would at least go over to play in Serie B. Serie D can’t be that much better than some of the Argentinian leagues right?) but that doesn’t make his goal any less of a corker. In fact, many have already compared Gerardo Masini’s goal to the skills of Lionel Messi!

The goal is a cracker though to be fair. Gerardo Masini picks up the ball on the left hand side of the pitch about midway in his opponent’s half with his back to goal, does some cool little spin to beat the first man then runs straight into about for defenders. However, using his Lionel Messi like skills the ball manages to stick to his feet and Gerardo Masini manages to skin all of them (one of them even falls over – what an idiot) and then bang, he’s one on one with the goalkeeper.

A lesser player like Fernando Torres or someone would probably now blast it over the bar, or straight into the keeper’s legs or something, but not Gerardo Masini, no way. He just busts out a rabona and bang it’s in the back of the net. It’s completely sick. Some people are calling it the best goal ever but let’s not get carried away, that’s pretty stupid. It’s pretty sick though.

Maybe if he keeps scoring goals like that Gerardo Masini can even find a way out of Serie D? Unlikely.

Check out Gerardo Masini’s wondergoal below:

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