Watch This Georgia Tech Football Player KO His Teammate With One Punch In Training Centre Argument


It goes without saying that in any high profile sporting team there are going to be a lot of egos and a lot of heated arguments because the desire and will to win requires that sort of attitude unfortunately.

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There are probably countless training ground scraps that occur every single day in the world of sport that we never hear about, but every now and again a really good one gets caught on tape like the one in the video below. It’s between two players from the Georgia Tech football team and it seems like they’re exploring some kind of beef in their training centre.

It doesn’t last long though because the one guy knocks the other out clean with one punch. Lights out partner:

Damn. I guess you might describe that as a sucker punch but either way if you’re squaring up to someone you’ve gotta be ready to knock them down and be ready for anything they throw at you so no sympathy for this guy whatsoever. Make sure you can take it.

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