George Osborne Vows To Chop Theresa May Up And Put Her In His Freezer

Calm down.

George Osborne has apologised to Theresa May after vowing to chop her up and put her in his freezer.

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The former chancellor received a huge backlash from other Tory MPs after he said he “won’t rest until she’s chopped up in freezer bags”. Whoops.

Osborne tried to backtrack from the statement yesterday by using an editorial column in the Evening Standard to claim the statement was just “in jest”. Well yeah, George Osborne is many things but I don’t think that he’s a serial killer – at least he doesn’t appear to be right now.


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Needless to say, one MP said Osborne’s insult was “meely-mouthed” – probably the most right wing insult anyone’s ever said.

Theresa May’s being pretty chill about the whole thing, saying:

I must confess I haven’t actually read it myself. I don’t pay attention to these things.

What matters is that I’m getting on with the job and focusing on what the British people want.

I’m sure you a Tezza.

Maybe the comment wasn’t a joke and George Osborne is like one of these serial killers who could’ve run for PM. It’s unlikely but you never know.


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