George Miller Won’t Be Directing Any More Mad Max Movies

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Major bummer.

Mad Max: Fury Road was probably the best action movie of 2015, if not the entire decade – I mean even Quentin Tarantino like it – and it seemed like we were destined for more as director George Miller has constantly said he has another couple of stories he wants to tell had the reaction to it been positive.

As it was overwhelmingly positive, pretty much everyone expected an announcement about a couple of sequels fairly soon. Only it turns out that Miller won’t be involved with them after all – at least in a director position – as he announced at the Golden Gloves he was through with directing them:

I’ve shot in Australia in a field of wild flowers and flat red earth when it rained heavily forever.

We had to wait 18 months and every return to the U.S. was 27 hours.

Those Mad Maxes take forever. I won’t do those anymore.

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I suppose you can’t really blame the dude. I mean he’s 70 this year, pre-production for this Mad Max started in 1997 FFS and he probably didn’t want to have to deal with Tom Hardy again after he was notoriously difficult to work with on this one, stating that he often had no idea what he was supposed to be doing during the shoot and this made him very frustrated. Admittedly he did apologise when he saw the final cut, but still, couldn’t he have just trusted Miller to make a completely sick movie after everything he had done before?

Still, I suppose at least Miller will be involved with the storyline or as a producer, but can Mad Max really be as good without Miller at the helm? Is there anyone out there who could adequately take over? I’m not so sure.

Check out some deleted scenes from Fury Road if these news is too much for you to bear too.


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