You Can Now Watch Three Deleted Scenes From Mad Max: Fury Road – One Is Truly Disgusting

Mad Max- Fury Road

It features a woman giving up her baby for a seat on the platform because she’s ‘a milker’ – one guess what that means.

Mad Max: Fury Road was easily the best movie of the summer and incredibly it’s almost out on DVD, considering it seems like only a few weeks ago when I saw it at the cinema.

To celebrate its DVD release, three deleted scenes that come with the DVD have been made available on the internet, and you can see them all back to back in the video below. Although they don’t really add that much to the movie – they were deleted after all – it’s always fascinating to see what was left on the cutting room floor. The first scene is fairly useless and just sees Max and Furiosa driving the truck and using some binoculars to scope out the area in front of them, but the other two are much more interesting.

The second one features some gross looking woman at the Citadel trying to get on the platform with her baby, then discarding her baby for a chance to get up there because she’s a milker (have a guess what that means and you’ve probably got it). The other one features those creepy pasty slaves of Immortan Joe’s all worshipping him in the desert whilst some old woman is berated by that massive henchman of his and then left in the desert to get eaten by crows.

Both of those scenes are pretty good and probably could have done with being left in – although the baby one is really gross so maybe they had to cut it to make a 15 rating or something – but there probably wasn’t enough action in all three of them which is why they were left I imagine. That movie is all about relentless nonstop action you know, but the second two scenes do add a little bit more to the movie in terms of defining the context of the situation all the characters find themselves in.

If you enjoyed these check out these deleted scenes from Back To The Future too – some real surprises in there.

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