George Jung Reveals His First Post Prison Meal

George Jung First Meal

We told you yesterday that George Jung had been released from prison, we now let you know the first meal to pass through his lips since that.

We bought you the phenomenally popular story yesterday that George Jung had been released from prison after 20 years in the slammer for his drug dealing offences that were chronicled in the movie Blow, and now we’ve found out what his first post prison meal was. Any guesses?

No, unlike Ice Cube in XXX 2 The Next Level, he didn’t choose to chow down on a cheeseburger but instead partook in a Boston favourite (he’s originally from Massachussetts) – the clam chowder. Chowder frenchy!

He looked like he was enjoying it too as he headed to the halfway house on the West Coast when he was stopped by a TMZ (who else) reporter to ask that question. He also offered the following sagely advice to anyone who was listening:

‘Life is a rodeo, and you gotta stay in the saddle. And now I’m back in the saddle.’

What a guy. We can only dream of what he’s going to end up doing next. You can watch a video of it below but it’s a TMZ original so there’s a 30 second ad which we can’t do anything about. Apologies.

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