George Clooney Being Told About Brad Pitt/Angelina Divorce From CNN Was Pretty Awkward (VIDEO)

How long before George Clooney & Brad Pitt are tearing up the clubs together?

The Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce story seems to get more screwed up each day, with some reports claiming today that Brad even managed to get co-star Mario Cotillard pregnant while shagging her on set.

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CNN thought it would be cool to get the thoughts of Brad’s best friend George Clooney while interviewing him at the United Nationals General Assembly earlier. Only thing is – the guy didn’t have a clue:

Very strange how he wouldn’t have heard about this before the rest of us. Aren’t him and Brad Pitt like brothers from different mothers? Maybe it’s like one of those uni situations where you get really tight with someone you’re forced to live/work with every day but then uni/the movie shoot finishes and before you know it you’re both married and haven’t spoken in years and don’t have a clue about each other’s personal lives. That’s probably what happened here.

The question now is how long does George Clooney remain married now that he knows Brad Pitt’s single? Those two 100% have to hit the clubs together now. Give it a month tops I reckon.

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