Millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten’s Ex Wife Shares Bizarre Topless ‘Silly String’ Video

Gabbie Gecko

Pink lady.

Fashion designer Gabi Grecko can’t help but cause controversy wherever she goes.

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She initially made the headlines after marrying millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten when she was just 26 and he was 72. When the marriage ended after just five months, she has since continued to grab attention with her bizarre social media antics.

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In her most recent post, Gabi Grecko, now 28, can be seen in a video dancing wearing nothing much aside from a thong and silly string. Well she’s gotta keep those followers up somehow:

So yeah, the video was to promote her new single See Me Madd… and if her career history is anything to by, it’s definitely not something that you’re going to want to download.

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