World Order Japan’s answer to OK GO.

Genki Sudo

The internet being the wonderful place that it is often delivers some absolute gems for our eyes and ears to take notice of. Now I know what you’re thinking, a pretty worthless post on a Japanese cage fighter.. but hold your horses internet beings. This ladies and gentlemen is Genki Sudo, a retired MMA fighter who has taken life by its horns and decided to branch out widening his moneymaking opportunities.

The 33 year old owns an amateur baseball team, has written 8 books, fronts his own band, choreographs and last but not least directs videos which is where this post gets insane. Genko’s band WORLD ORDER remind me of a poor mans Pet Shop Boys but thats irrelevant, the video below sees an array of intricate dance moves carried out by a group of suited gentlemen moving through Japan.

Youtube will no doubt have an impact on this video,  this one is destined for internet stardom. Check Genko’s masterpiece  below from Japans answer to OK GO.



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