Eugenie Bouchard Wishes That She Had A Boyfriend For Self Isolation; Thirsty Dudes Rush To Volunteer

Take your best shot.

Whilst we’re all scared shitless about the Coronavirus, here’s a more light hearted story regarding it that might make you laugh in these uncertain times.

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Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard is known as a certified babe and also kinda cool after she went out on a date with a random fan after she lost a bet with him on Twitter, so it’s no surprise that guys all over the world are volunteering to self isolate with her when she bemoaned her lack of a boyfriend during this period. It all started once again on Twitter – and no doubt Eugenie knew exactly what she was doing when she wrote the tweet – and as you would expect, the replies were an absolute shit show.

Here are a few of the best:

Well, that was a strange combination of people trying to hook up with her and people calling her a twat for a multitude of different reasons wasn’t it? I guess people have even more time to troll others now that they’re stuck at home all day. Bruce Jenner comment was a bit weird though.

I kinda want Eugenie to pick one of the replies and actually end up self isolating with them because it would be one hell of a story, but I doubt she’s gonna do that again, is she? Maybe someone could just write a screenplay for it whilst we’re in lockdown – what else are you gonna do?

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