Someone Has Produced An 80s R&B Version Of ‘WAP’ And It Absolutely Slaps

Better than the original?

I don’t think there’s any denying that WAP is the song of the summer after it stormed onto the scene a few weeks ago, but this 80s R & B remix by a guy called Jay Diggs might be even better than the original.

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There’s not much else to say about it except get ready to dive right in and have your mind blown, it really is something:

Wow. I mean that really does sound spectacular doesn’t it. It’s the kind of song I can imagine some DJ putting on near the end of a disco night and everyone is dancing to it and vibing on it and wondering what it is and then slowly hearing the lyrics and realising that it’s a cover of WAP. And then you’re trying to explain it to your mate but they can’t hear you because they’re so wasted and it’s so loud so they just kinda smile and laugh at you and keep on dancing.

You know the kind of situation that I’m talking about – it happens all the time – and this song is 100% destined to join in with them as well. When we can all get out on the dance floor again that is.

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