What Happens When You Cross A Goat With A Sheep? A Geep


An extremely rare goat/sheep hybrid has been born in Ireland.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if you crossed a sheep with a goat, and now I’ve finally got the answer thanks to a farm in County Kildare in Ireland: a geep.

The animal was born on Paddy Murphy’s farm and it’s suspected that it’s the result of an illicit love affair between a goat and one of the sheep farmer’s Cheviot ewes. He said that it was definitely not intentional and arrived as a ‘pure shock to the system’. Not sure if I believe him because you know what the Irish are like when it comes to inbreeding and weird sex, but hey we got a geep out of it so I’m stoked on that, whether it was intentional or not.

Paddy said that he and his family had never seen anything like it through generations of sheep farmers. He also added that the geep was in good health and was way faster than any of the other lambs that were born at the same time: ‘He’s unbelievable. He’s so fast you’d have to get him into the pen to catch him. There’s no chance you would catch him otherwise.’ Paddy kind of sounds like he’s got a bit of a boner for the little guy, but I guess if sheep farming is your life than something like this must be pretty mindblowing.

Paddy has decided to keep the geep for as long as he can and not send it to slaughter like he would with all the other young lambs. Incidentally, the mother of the geep is raising it as a sheep (whatever that means) and the Ulster Farmers Union said that it was the only geep currently on record in Northern Ireland. A geep being conceived is a very rare event in itself, and for one to be born is even rarer as they are normally either stillborn or don’t even make it that far.

Paddy has yet to name the geep yet either but it seems like he’s a miracle already. What a little dude.

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