GB News Presenter Guto Harri Takes The Knee Live On Air

Who would have thought it?

I didn’t think I would ever be writing something about Conservative news channel GB News that wasn’t in a comedy way or condemning them for saying something really stupid, but here we are after one of their presenters decided to take the knee live on air after the racist abuse suffered by England’s footballers on Sunday night.

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Guto Harri said that he initially underestimated how close to the surface racism was in this country and that he now understood what the gesture/symbolism of taking the knee meant after Sancho, Saka and Rashford were all abused following their penalty misses on Sunday night. This was highly surprising – and also the first time a TV presenter had ever made such a gesture – and as you might expect, viewers of the channel were not happy at all to see this ‘woke bullshit’ on their new favourite news channel:

Damn. It’s so strange how all these people welcomed GB News because it presented free speech in their eyes, but when someone on it does something that they don’t like that they’re turning it off and switching to another channel. That doesn’t really add up for me?

Anyway,  sounds like things really aren’t going well for GB News and this might be the final straw. Not only have they been riddled with technical difficulties over the first few weeks of operation, but they’ve also lost about half of their audience over the last month and it seems like this figure is going to drop even further thanks to Guto’s actions this morning.

Kinda surprised they let it happen and are even releasing video of it as they must know that their audience doesn’t like this kind of stuff one bit. Let’s see what happens.

For more of the same, check out this bald white man booing the players taking the knee on the TV in his lounge. Pathetic scenes.


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