GB News Is Now Attracting Zero Viewers Following Boycott


I talked earlier this week about how the fact some guy I had never heard of deciding to take the knee on GB News might be the final nail in its coffin and it seems like my prediction was correct after it was announced that the station is technically attracting zero viewers at the moment.

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The news was reported by the Barb rating agency, who stated that the channel received only 28,000 viewers in the prime time 6pm slot. Whilst that’s obviously 28,000 people and not zero people, it’s a 0.2% share of total viewership so might as well be.

It is however important to note that there were calls for a boycott following that guy taking the knee and this is probably why this happened. The viewing figures did improve later on for Dan Wooton’s late night segment, but even then they were only 47,000 people which is still only 0.5% of the possible viewership. In short, the channel is performing really badly.

That’s funny isn’t it? Not really sure how much longer GB News can be sustained if viewing figures don’t improve which is kinda crazy because I thought it would be a massive hit with most of the dickheads in this country. Turns out they can’t even get this right though.

Funny that someone exercising free speech on a channel that’s supposed to promote free speech ended up sending it down. You couldn’t make it up.

For more of the same, check out the video of that guy taking the knee. So controversial.


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