Here’s What Happens When Gay Men Touch A Vagina For The First Time

This guy’s acting like he’s going to get sucked into black hole.

Sticking a bunch of people in a room together and making them do weird things to each other is a big thing on the Internet these days, and following a recent instalment where lesbians touched men’s penises for the first time, it’s now naturally time to reverse the roles and have gay men come into contact with vaginas.

Here’s how it played out:

Nice of everyone to take part. As we say every time one of these videos is posted, it’s anyone’s guess where this series goes from here. Just when it feels like every idea has already been done, they hit you with something new. Eventually they’re going to have to really step it up though; how much longer before these videos become straight up NSFW porn?

Oh wait, they’ve already done that (kinda).


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