Watch What Happens When You Pour Sulphuric Acid On A McDonald’s Big Mac

Big Mac Sulphuric Acid

Will it melt?

There’s been a lot of posts on these pages and all over the internet about the crap that is contained in McDonald’s products, so it’s with actual genuine fascination and trepidation that I approach this video of a Big Mac being doused in sulphuric acid – will it actually melt?

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The experiment was undertaken by classic YouTube channel ‘Let’s Melt This’ and like most things that they turn their hand to, the Big Mac does eventually end up melting. Take a look:

Yeah. Read it and weep Big Mac. It’s actually kind of scary thinking that it takes so long for the burger to melt when acid is poured all over it – it just kind of looks like it’s been overcooked in the oven for a long time before it actually starts to turn into mush, and even then a lot of it is still kicking around in there fairly intact.

I mean, if sulphuric acid is having that hard a fucking time of dissolving a Big Mac then what the hell is going on in your stomach when you eat one of these babies? I suppose that’s why you shit so much when you eat Big Macs eh?

I wonder what it would look like if a Giga Mac was dissolved by sulphuric acid? Probably no change at all.


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