Wild Video Of Gas Station Employees Getting Into Massive Fight With Two Women After They Asked For A Refund

Gas station royal rumble.

This incident took place at Exxon gas station over in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and according to the women involved kicked off over the fact they had asked for a refund because the gas pump was broken and had spilled all their gas.

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From the family of the victims, as shared on Worldstar:

Jamilah just called me! She said she put 17 in the pump! When she went to pump the gas the pump was leaking! She went inside to tell and they cussed her out and said she didn’t pay for gas! She then asked for her out and said she didn’t pay for gas! She then asked for her money back and they attacked her smh! You going to meet her in the morning! She is still crying because she never had a fight a day in her life smgh! I told her go to the hospital and get her head checked out! So cops escorted the damn store owners out to their cars for fear of retaliation!

Watch below:

Well that was a bit out of order wasn’t it? Obviously we’ve only got one side of the story here and limited footage to go off but it’s too bad the whole thing had to result in a group of grown men kicking the shit out of two women. Was there really no other way for both parties to resolve the issue?

And how about the guy in the grey sweater relentlessly sticking with that super slap move? I don’t know if that’s just how he fights or if he was doing it out of consideration for the fact he was fighting two females, but preferable than actually full-on punching them I guess. Who said chivalry is dead?

For more gas station shenanigans, get a load of what this guy came across at 4am. WTF?


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