Gary Glitter Had £15,000 Knee Op Whilst Handcuffed To His Bed And Leering At Nurses

Gary Glitter just doesn’t care.

Gary Glitter has been in the news recently after he was sent back to prison not even a month after being released on bail after trying to access the Dark Web – presumably to look at more child pornography – and it’s now been revealed that he received a £15,000 knee operation back in November whilst he was handcuffed to his bed.

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78 year old Glitter spent five nights in his own side room at the Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester whislt he received the operation and was handcuffed to his bed for the duration and under 24 hour armed guard as well. It was also said that he was particularly leery and gross with most of the nurses and staff, often telling stories about what he got up whilst he was living in Vietnam and Cambodia and seemingly completely unrepentant for his completely rank crimes.

Here’s what an insider had to say about the hospital stay:

He seemed to revel in the attention.

While he was there, Glitter was very chatty and cheerful — and over-friendly.

He asked quite a lot of questions about the staff, especially the younger female ones.

He took a shine to one young, female nurse who was quite attractive and it made her feel sick.

He also spoke quite a lot about going abroad, and said what a great time he had in Cambodia and Vietnam.

There was no shred of remorse about what he had done.

Sounds spectacularly creepy doesn’t it, although given what we know about Glitter at this point, I don’t really find any of it particularly surprising. I suppose some people will find it annoying that he received a £15,000 knee operation, but I guess that probably happens to every prisoner who needs one in this country and he wasn’t receiving any special treatment, hopefully waiting as long as anyone who required one on the NHS.

It is gross hearing about how he’s still such a perv and doesn’t seem to care about anything except hooking up with young children. Completely and utterly rank individual.

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