Gareth Bale Reveals The Secrets Behind His New Muscular Physique

Gareth Bale

The answer will definitely surprise you.

The above picture has been doing the rounds for the past couple of weeks as Real Madrid reported back for pre-season training, and it looks as though Gareth Bale has transformed himself from a relatively skinny Welshman into a musclebound powerhouse over the summer. Many thought that he had probably just hit the weights intensely over the summer whilst the majority of his teammates headed over to Brazil to compete in the World Cup and this had enabled him to put on the extra muscle mass you can see in the picture above.

However, it turns out that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the Real Madrid press conference before the Super Cup game against Sevilla tonight, Bale was asked just what he’d done to get this new look by one journalist and whether he would ‘put a stop to it now’ – clearly this journalist doesn’t like muscle heavy meatheads playing for Real Madrid or something. Bale gave his usual non fussy and down to earth answer, offering the following:

I actually haven’t done anything!’

I did a bit of my own training during the summer, a bit of running, conditioning but nothing special.’

Yeah, I’ve worked hard and feel in good shape.’

Although that answer isn’t exactly that convincing – is that really enough to get a ticket to a gun show like that – it seems like it’s the one he’s sticking with. Other observers have pointed out that he might not actually be as stacked as he appears in that pictures due to the sunlight on it and his contracted muscles giving an exaggerated effect, which might be the actual reason he looks so stacked. Or maybe it was just a reaction to getting kicked in the balls last season.


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