Ever Wonder What Life Is Like For The Statues In Your Garden? We Found Out By Interviewing Them

Batman_LDN Garden Talk

Another warped video from the mind of Batman_LDN as he decides to interview garden statues about their experiences of living in a garden.

Batman_LDN Garden Talk

Batman_LDN is always doing crazy stuff and this might be his weirdest video yet. For some reason he thought it would be a good idea to interview the statues in his garden about what really happened to them and what it was like living in a stationary position in a garden and to be fair to the guy it turned out pretty interesting. I would never have believed the stories that any of them came up with.

We’ve got a Buddha statue, a garden gnome with a lawnmower and some kind of naked woman who is (rather unfairly) situated in a field full of nettles. There’s also a really weird looking stone/rock who doesn’t really say anything but just laughs loads all the way through the video. I didn’t really understand that part – but hey that’s pretty much everything Batman_LDN does right? It’s still pretty funny.

Check out the video below:

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